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What clients are saying

“I loved working with Sara. She anticipated my needs even before I voiced them, and took great care of me in every step of the process of launching a new website.  She was proactively involved and came up with suggestions of what to improve which was greatly appreciated.

I love her attention to details and ability to deliver exactly what I wanted. Sara also has this very enjoyable way of being; she’s always supportive, accommodating and helpful.

I’ll definitely recommend Sara to others and I will definitely use her services again as I feel I got so much more than I signed up for. She’s a gem.”

Mette Semb-Lund, Beyoutiful Soul

“I was really struggling with the website theme I had chosen for my nutrition consulting business as I didn’t have the knowledge or time to add customizations to make it look exactly how I wanted it to. My business was suffering as a result because I just couldn’t get my site online looking the way I wanted it to. This created immense frustration for me as I just wanted to be out there offering my services to more people.

However I was afraid to hire someone I didn’t know because I didn’t know if I could rely on or trust the process of handing my hard work thus far over to someone else. But after struggling on my site for far too long I decided to reach out for help on a Facebook site for wordpress and Sara kindly responded and offered her services.

I was apprehensive at first because we live in separate countries but she was so professional and confident in our emails, I decided it was worth a try.

I am so grateful I took that leap and hired Sara because she was efficient, warm, did everything I hoped for, was quick to respond to emails and she accomplished everything I requested professionally and with great communication between us. I didn’t think anyone would want to work on a half created site, but she was totally open to helping me and I will most certainly reach out to her again when I need further help in the future.

I would recommend Sara to anyone else, in a heartbeat. She made a real significant difference for me.”

Heidi Thomasen

“I was having a really hard time with my website; I didn’t know how I wanted it, what I wanted to change and what was not working with it. I was just in a mess about it and I had prolonged fixing it for over a year because of that. Then I came in contact with Sara and that was the best thing that could have happened.

We had two meetings in person and as I got to know her I notice she is a really talented and responsible person, she is very likeable. On our first meeting we talked about how to improve the website. I had some ideas and we talked about them and she presented some ideas on how to make it easier for the clients to understand my site. At first I wasn’t sure about her ideas but after looking at how others made their website and how I would feel as a client I realized she was right. A lot of websites was just annoying to look at and mine was a little like that too at the moment. We had another meeting and talked about the changes I wanted to make to our plan and a lot of them was what she had suggested on our first meeting. Trust her! She knows what she is doing.

We had fast e-mail contact about the website and I saw results really fast, she let me know when she was making changes and asked me how I felt about them. She delivers what she promise in time and I was more then pleased with the result and she had no limits on what we could accomplish.

I would definitely recommend Sara to other business owners without a doubt and I know they would be more then satisfied with the result.”

Jessica Casanovas, Studio Novas

”Sara is one of the most humble and competent persons I have worked with.
She picked up all of the changes that I wanted on my website and even my personality which then reflected in the finished product.

Through her professional and quick methods Sara delivers on a level that no one have ever done for me and my business before, and I have felt that I’ve been in safe hands through the whole process.  In addition she answers all questions quickly and honestly and always makes sure that I as a customer am happy with what is being changed and done.

I recommend S & Co. with all my heart to all business owners; you are guaranteed to be satisfied!”

Maria Swanström