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How to easily back-up your WordPress website

No matter the size of your website I’m sure that you’ve spend more hours than you first anticipated was needed on building it. Because of this you probably don’t want all your hard work to be gone if anything would happen and that’s why you should back it up to...

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5 reasons ConvertKit is the best for email marketing

ConvertKit is becoming the email marketing system no.1 all over the online world, and for good reasons. I first got to know about the then up and coming ConvertKit more than a year ago, when getting to know about Nathan Barry. It was through (as I remember) one of...

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The secret to easily design WordPress page content

Have you ever tried to design Wordpress page content with just the text editor and CSS? It's a drag, right? Many lines of code are needed for one design and even more if you want your pages to have different designs. Don't get me wrong, the text editor is a great...

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20 of the best websites with free stock photos

An important feature of your website is the photos you put on it. While there is a value in having photos taken for you it’s not everyone who can, or want, to pay for a photo shoot when just starting out. The solution? Free stock photos. Stock Photos that are filed...

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How to write a WordPress blog post with ease

In the past posts you've learned how to install themes, install plugins, create pages and menus and to configure your settings in Wordpress. This week in the Wordpress basics serie we're stepping it up another notch, we're going to write a blog post! Creating a...

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