You, and your business, are here to make a difference in the world.

You could just need a couple of more hours a day to feel like you’re better moving towards your goals.
We can help you find those hours.

Hi, I’m Sara and I want you to get more time in your business for the things you really like + want to do. In that way your business can make a bigger dent in the universe.

Many years of swapping between studying at the University and working have given me a great insight into several different trades of business, a large knowledge in business and economics + a B.Sc. in construction engineering.

Sara Norberg

Now I’m using all that knowledge and the skills to help difference making, busy, entrepreneurs get a couple of more hours a day for the important tasks in their business.

Whether that can be achieved by building you a new shiny website or by more hands-on work through digital marketing – I’m your girl.

I’m based in Uppsala, Sweden, and since my laptop is my main business tool no matter where in the world you, and I, are we can work together.

Want to know something more personal about me?

Let’s see…

I’m born and raised in a small village in the northern part of Sweden.
Have to have access to a bit of forest and a lake (or palm trees and the sea, same same 🙂 )
Love animals and especially dogs.
Am like a kid at Christmas Eve if I get to assemble IKEA furniture.
Love everything sweet and especially cookies and ice cream.